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Making Traditional Scale Model Horse "D" Ring Snaffle Bits

Had been working on several projects and ran into this way to make really nice "D" Ring snaffle bits for model horses.

I'm working on an English riding set and wanted some "D" ring bits for the bridle, so got out the jump rings and soldering iron. After soldering I then had to do a lot of grinding with the Dremel tool and sanding and using my mini metal files to get the shape right.

A lot of work and this is how they came out:

I thought of an easy way to make the "D" bits and I tried it this morning. It's fast, no soldering and they look very nice.

For traditional model horse scale, use 9mm round 18 gauge silver jump rings. I get mine from Fire Mountain Gems. Use jewelry pliers with a flat side and squish the side with the seam of the round ring flat. It should look like the top one now:

Cut the seam part so that there are just two nubs. Now it will look like this:

Use 6mm long silver tube beads and glue the bit nubs into each end of the bead. I used G-S Hypo Cement. You'll have to gently use pliers to pull the last nub in the tube bead top. Now the bit looks like this:

I then mashed a 2mm round silver seed bead and cut it in half. I glued one half to the back of each "D" ring to make the part of the bit that is in the horse's mouth. This is the back of the bit:

And you are finished!

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