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When I was very young I found, within the hobby of the miniature model horse, that I could own a large herd of plastic horses and keep them in my bedroom without one complaint from my parents.

Each horse was given a name, pedigree and bloodline and each was shown in model horse photo shows around the country. I custom painted my horses, made leather tack for them and took them outside to photograph them and make them appear as real as possible.  My horses did well at the model horse photo shows. Their photos came home with beautiful handmade ribbons.

17 years later, I decided to join the fun of model horses again. I bought a kiln and started Meg Walker Originals, casting and custom glazing ceramic horses, dogs and other animals. In 1999 I started selling them on eBay under the seller name of bonanza-set and have been doing so ever since. Each horse I glaze is an individual with its own spark and personality and each is given a unique name on its certificate of authenticity.

I hope you enjoy the small sampling of my work on this website.

Meg Walker (Hudson)

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